Products Description

Product Description

Railway Related

Overhead Catenary

Our company has been developing along with our country’s long railway history, and consistently advancing electric train line hardware. A train operates by taking in electricity from an electric wire called a trolley wire directly above the train tracks via a pantograph. A variety of tain line hardware items are used to run the trolley wire.

If you look at the trolley wire from a station,you can see some lines above the trolley wire which is suspended with line hardware. This hardware is called a dropper ear and manufactured by our company. Our company also manufacturers every kind of product you can see near the trolley wire and train tracks, such as hardware to connect multiple trolley wires, hardware to suspend the trolley wire sideways, the hardware to supply electricity to the trolley wire, the hardware to fasten the lines.

Onto the electric poles, the large iron item which is installed on the electric poles, and signs. In the railway industry, being accident-free and punctual is extremely important. Our company takes pride in playing an important role to ensure secure railway transport, thanks to our company’s long history, broad experience, and prompt action to observe deadlines strictly.

Electricity Related

Electricity description

Our company’s electricity section collaborates with our partner; Wako Techno Ltd., to develop and manufacture suspension cable anchors. A suspension cable anchor is a relatively large clasp which is used to fasten an electric pole. The wire is suspended from the electric pole and the suspension cable anchor is driven into the ground to fasten the electric pole. There are various types to choose from, in accordance with the intended use, such as required tension resistance and ground characteristics.

The most important feature of the suspension cable anchor is the long-lasting tension resistance.

But it also needs to be in a form, so that it can be driven into the ground easily. Our jointly-developed products are highly-valued by domestic clients, such as TEPCO and KEPCO, as well as overseas, and have been contributing to the expansion of electric power supply.