Greetings from the president

Greetings From The President

We has been engaged in the work of railway transportation and power supply, which are the most important social infrastructures, for more than 120 years since its establishment in 1893, and has contributed to the improvement of people’s lives. Thanks to many customers, we are now able to grow into a company that supports railways not only in Japan but around the world, including Asia.
We have a corporate philosophy of “FOR A BETTER WORLD AND A HAPPIER LIFE” At the same time as we want to contribute to society through our daily work and make efforts to improve the world as much as possible, the lives of all people must be absolutely happy, and our work is the happiness of people. We want you to be connected to.
We always work earnestly and seriously, and pledge to do our utmost to ensure that our attitude is recognized by our customers and the world.

President and CEO
Nobuyuki Suganuma