Company Profile

Nobuyuki Suganuma

Suganuma Seisakusho has a long history with its
business initiation in 1893. Since its foundation, we have
been making efforts to support the establishment of social
infrastructures for rail transport and electric power supply.
We take a strong feeling of pride in contributing to
people's lives and activities. At the same time, we are
deeply grateful of others supporting our company.
We will continue doing our utmost to be of help.
Thank you for your guidance and support.

Corporate name:Suganuma Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Business initiation:March 27, 1893
Foundation:December 1, 1939
Capital:96,000,000 yen
Representative:President and CEO, Nobuyuki Suganuma

Description of business (design, manufacture, and sales)
Line hardware for train tracks
Electric power transmission/transformation line appliances
Distribution line appliances
Tent equipment
Signs, etc.

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Main Test Facilities
Main Machinery Equipment
Amsler universal hydraulic tester (250kN)
Electric resistance test equipment
High-voltage breakdown resistance test equipment
Vibration testing equipment
Sand box tensile strength tester (250kN)
Rockwell hardness tester
Brinell hardness tester
Microscope and shooting equipment
Grinding machine
Polishing machine
Coating test equipment
Magnifying projector
Electromagnetic film thickness meter
Strain gauge
Contact Digital thermometer
Simulated catenary facilities

400t press

200t press

Welding robot

Heating furnace

Coating plant

Simulated catenary facilities

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Railway Section

Our company has been developing along with our country's long railway history, and
consistently advancing electric train line hardware. A train operates by taking in electricity
from an electric wire called a trolley wire directly above the train tracks via a pantograph.
A variety of tain line hardware items are used to run the trolley wire.

If you look at the trolley wire from a station,
you can see some lines above the trolley
wire which is suspended with line hardware.
This hardware is called a dropper ear and
manufactured by our company.
Our company also manufacturers every
kind of product you can see near the trolley
wire and train tracks, such as hardware to
connect multiple trolley wires, hardware to
suspend the trolley wire sideways, the
hardware to supply electricity to the trolley
wire, the hardware to fasten the lines.

onto the electric poles, the large iron item which is
installed on the electric poles, and signs.
In the railway industry, being accident-free and punctual is
extremely important.
Our company takes pride in playing an important role to
ensure secure railway transport, thanks to our company's long history,
broad experience, and prompt action to observe deadlines strictly.

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Electricity Section

Our company's electricity section collaborates with our partner; Wako Techno Ltd.,
to develop and manufacture suspension cable anchors. A suspension cable
anchor is a relatively large clasp which is used to fasten an electric pole. The wire
is suspended from the electric pole and the suspension cable anchor is driven
into the ground to fasten the electric pole. There are various types to choose from,
in accordance with the intended use, such as required tension resistance and
ground characteristics.

The most important feature of the suspension cable anchor is the
long-lasting tension resistance. But it also needs to be in a form,
so that it can be driven into the ground easily. Our jointly-
developed products are highly-valued by domestic clients, such
as TEPCO and KEPCO, as well as overseas, and have been
contributing to the expansion of electric power supply.

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Our main clients
Corporate History
Hokkaido Railway Company
East Japan Railway Company
Central Japan Railway Company
West Japan Raiway Company
Shikoku Railway Company
Kyushu Railway Company
Japan Freight Railway Company
Japan Railway Construction, Transport
  and Technology Agency
Bureau of Transportation, Tokyo Metropolitan
Transportation Bureau, City of Nagoya
Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau
Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau
Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.
Tokyu Corporation
Tobu Railway Co., Ltd.
Odakyu Electric Raiway Co., Ltd.
Hankyu Hanshin Denki System K.K.
Fujikyuko Co., Ltd.
Doden Co., Ltd.
Nippon Densetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Shinsei Technos Co., Ltd.
Nippon Rietec Co., Ltd.
Total Electric Management Service Co., Ltd.
Toho Electrical Construction Company
Kyushu Denki System, Inc.
Nishi-Nihon Tech Co., Ltd.
Shimizu Corporation
Taisei Corporation
Obayashi Corporation
Kajima Corporation
Maeda Corporation
Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
Wako Filter Technology Ltd.
Wako Techno Ltd.
KEPCO The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
Ministry of Defense

1893 Suganuma Seisakusyo was founded as an independently-operated
business in 2-2 Shiba Atago-cho, Tokyo Conducted press casting,
welding, sales and manufacturing of products
1916 Received orders for electric train line hardware and communication
equipment from The Ministry of Communications and Transportation
1918 Received orders for electric train line hardware from the Ministry of
1939 Made an organization change as a stock company with capital of
188,000 yen
1952 Obtained the JIS 1690 certification for electric train line hardware from
the Ministry of International Trade and Industry
1953 Obtained the JIS 1690-1 for an additional item from the Ministry of
International Trade and Industry
1959 Relocated the head office and the Mita Factory to Omori-nishi, Ota Ward,
1965 Opened the Osaka Office
1969 Opened the Nagoya Office
1974 Opened the Kyushu Office
1982 Capital increased to 96,000,000 yen
1993 Relocated the Omori Factory to Bando City, Ibaraki (previous Iwai City)
1993 Relocated the head office to 3-chome Omori-kita, Tokyo
1998 Obtained the JIS mark display certification (JIS E2201)
Certification number:398010
2008 Obtained the new JIS mark display system certification (JIS E2201)
Certification number: JQ0308017
2009 Obtained ISO9001 certification (JSAQ2560)
2013 Relocated the head office to 1-chome Omori-kita, Tokyo
2015 Opened the Shizuoka Office
2015 Relocated the Kyushu Office to 2-chome Matsubara, Moji-ku, Kita-Kyushu City, Fukuoka

ISO9001 certification
Kinnosuke Suganuma

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Head Office Omori Station East Exit Builing 4F, 1-5-1 Omori-kita, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0016
TEL+81-3-3762-2771 FAX+81-3-3762-2777
Tsukuba Factory 1130 Nekozane, Bando, Ibaraki, 306-0616
TEL+81-297-39-3771 FAX+81-297-39-3317
Shizuoka Office 509 Mentec sakaecho Building, 4-8 Sakae, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka, 420-0859
TEL+81-54-269-6615 FAX+81-54-269-6619
Nagoya Office 120 Seisho-kogai 2-1-1, Kamejima, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichii, 453-0013
TEL+81-52-452-8877 FAX+81-52-452-8878
Osaka Office 436 Toyo Building, 2-3-19 Sibata, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 530-0012
TEL+81-6-6376-4801 FAX+81-6-6376-4802
Kyushu Office 2-9-46 Matsubara, Moji-ku, Kita-Kyushu City, Fukuoka, 800-0064
TEL+81-93-391-7387 FAX+81-93-391-9482



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